Business Law:

An integral part of our Practice, Business Litigation is an area of law we have significant experience in. As such, MJD Law handles a range of disputes including: failure to pay, breach of contract, specific performance, common law fraud and unjust enrichment.  The firm can help you seek monetary compensation for damages or specific performance of a contract term.  In most cases, your attorneys’ fees are covered by the defendant when the case is won.

As part of our Business Litigation Practice, the firm also handles all phases of business disputes including pre-claim demands, negotiations, mediation, arbitration and trial. Our Firm has been trusted by local businesses since its inception and prides itself on its ability to obtain positive results for clients.

Corporate Law:

Innovative thinkers and their businesses have always been the foundation of our economy. Do you have an idea that you want to bring to market? If so, knowing the differences between the various corporate structures that are available can be vital when managing your daily business activities or filing your taxes.  We offer the following services:

Corporate Formation:

If your business entity is already established the firm can also assist with the following corporate matters.

General Corporate Matters:

Transactional Corporate Matters: