The Law Firm of Michael J. Daher handles contract disputes by either aggressive litigation or negotiation.  Interpreting contracts correctly is of vital importance in determining whether you have a viable case.  Our law firm can swiftly and accurately determine whether a contract exists and whether it is enforceable or breach-able by interpreting the nuances of its terms.  So whether you want to get out of a contract or enforce one, our full service law firm can help get you the results you seek.

Basic Principles of a Contract:

Individuals should be aware that contracts are formed under some basic principles regardless of whether it is in writing.

For a contract to exist there must be: an offer, an acceptance of that offer, and consideration (value).  Under the law, there must be a “meeting of the minds” between the parties for a contract to be formed.  Even if there is no formal writing of the contract, parties can show one exists based on the performance of one or more of the parties involved.

If there are economic damages as a result of the breach of the contract or any of its clauses, the non-breaching party can recover for that loss by filing suit, or settling the claim with the breaching party.