Under New York Law, New Jersey Law and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) non exempt employees are entitled to overtime when working over 40 hours per week as well as a minimum wage rate of $7.25/hour in New Jersey and $8.00/hour in New York, which is scheduled to increase to $9.00/hour over the course of the next two years.  If you believe your wages have been wrongfully withheld or that you are a victim of questionable wage and hour practices in New York or New Jersey, you may be entitled to compensation of up to three times what you are owed.  These claims require immediate attention as there is a statute of limitations period that restricts the period of your claim.


MJD Law is dedicated to protecting the rights of both employees and employers under the FLSA, New York Law and New Jersey Law.  As such, the firm has experience in defending several small businesses from Employment and Labor Law claims.  If you believe you are the victim of a frivolous claim then contacting an experienced attorney is the first step in protecting your business.  Doing so ensures a speedy resolution to the matter so you can get back to running your business.