Providing certainty about your future and the future of your family is something that everyone can relate to.  It is also something that is regularly set on the back burner.  MJD Law understands this and make it easy for you to plan for the unplanned by offering a basic estate planning package.  The basic estate planning package is comprised of a Will, Health Care Directive, and Power of Attorney, all created to suit your particular needs.

Whether your estate plan consists of one or all of these documents, MJD Law recognizes the importance of them to you and your family. As such, the firm carefully assesses and attends to the unique needs of each client, ensuring that your wishes are carried out now and in the future.

Last Will & Testament

Everyone has a plan, not everyone memorializes that plan in writing.  By creating a Will, you ensure that you aren’t relying on the government to distribute your assets statutorily.  This is achieved by making specific bequests in your will to designated persons such as family or friends.  Lastly an executor or administrator is named in your Will.  This is someone you trust to carry out your wishes after you have passed.  The firm executes the Will in such a fashion that they are valid in any state you take them to.

Power of Attorney

In a situation where you are or become incapacitated or unable to make your own financial non-health related decisions, you can appoint an individual to do so on your behalf under specific guidelines that you set in a Power of Attorney document.  This essentially makes the person you choose your agent.  Through this document, your agent is granted powers that are as general or specific as you choose.  An example of powers that you can grant to your agent are: transferring real estate, managing bank accounts or even buying and selling stocks.

Living Will/Medical Directive/Health Care Proxy

Similar to a Power of Attorney, a Medical Directive or Medical Power of Attorney records your health care decisions. These decisions provide instructions for your health care provider to follow.  It provides you with the power to choose what happens to you in a situation where you would otherwise be unable to voice your decision to your doctor.  Just as in a Power of Attorney document, you select someone you trust to act as your agent.  Your agent carries out the instructions and choices you have selected, leaving the decision of what happens to you after you become incapacitated solely in your hands.